Say goodbye to diets forever

Are you tired of going on endless diets and the weight just piling back on again? It's not much fun, is it? Don't worry, you're not alone, diets don't work for most people.

It doesn't have to be like this. You can lose weight and keep the weight off. How? By getting the Habit, the Slim Habit. It gets to the heart of what permanent weight loss is all about – getting rid of the bad habits that made you fat and replacing them with new Slim Habits that will help you to change your eating and lifestyle habits.

You deserve better than a life of endless dieting. You deserve to have a happy, healthy life, a life free from diets. You deserve to be able to live your life to the full, to have energy and vitality. You can when you get the Slim Habit. What you learn will last you for the rest of your life - your new, slim, healthy life.

Learn new slim habits

Break free from the diet treadmill and enjoy a new diet free life

Do you know that over 95% of people who go on diets never achieve permanent weight loss? Yes, that's right, when the diet's over the weight just comes back again. Unfortunately, when it comes back it does so with interest. It's probably comforting to know that you're not alone, but you deserve better.

What's wrong with diets? Well, most diets will help you to lose weight. Maybe you'll achieve as much as 5-10% of your body weight, but what they don't tell you is that it's short-term weight loss, and who wants that?

Are you aware that your body actually works against you when you go on a diet? Your body doesn't like diets at all, and will do all it can to help you to fail. If that wasn't bad enough, when you've finished your diet it does its best to restore you to your previous weight. Why? Because it thinks that it's your default state! Your body is too smart to be outsmarted by a diet! Dieting will always be an uphill struggle.

"One of my bad habits was always going on one diet after another...none of them really worked. Every time the pounds just came back again...that's all changed and I've changed too. I've lost weight and it's staying off – no more diets for me. Thanks guys!" J.J.T. TX

Get out of the diet habit and avoid weight rebound

A new fad, a new idea, a new diet, the outcome will always be the same. Low calorie diets will help you to lose weight, but calorie restriction is difficult to get right, and the weight will return as sure as night follows day. You will become a victim of 'weight rebound' and join the ranks of those whose lives are made miserable by dieting.

Low carb diets, Atkins or any other, will have a similar effect to a low calorie diet. By restricting your carbohydrate intake you are compromising your natural functions and creating a huge distortion which your body finds difficult to deal with. It makes you feel weak and miserable. Living a normal life on a low carb diet is almost impossible.

If one diet doesn't work, why not try another? Don't be tempted because the result is almost certainly going to be the same. Membership of the 'serial dieter's club' is something you have to avoid.

Always remember that serial dieting is bad for you, both physically and mentally. The irritability and mood swings you suffer can make life very difficult and in extreme cases can have a very damaging effect on your relationships.

Diets set you up for failure. You don't deserve that, and it's definitely not good for you.

You deserve better!

There is no need for you to be overweight. Why should you have to live a life plagued by endless diets? It doesn't have to be this way! Imagine what it would be like to be slim and healthy. It's a great thought, isn't it?

Today you can take the first steps towards transforming yourself into a slim 'new you' – and staying that way. It's time to release that slim, happy, healthy, more confident you. With the Slim Habit you can make it happen!

Why don't you look upon today as the start of your new, slim life?

Time to do things a different way...

Time to make change, learn new habits...

and discover the secret of permanent weight loss

Why learn new habits? Because learning new habits is the simplest and most effective way of making lasting change.

  • Make change by learning new eating habits
  • Make change by learning new lifestyle habits
  • Make change by learning new habits that put you in control of your weight
  • Make change by learning new Slim Habits that keep you slim forever

"There can be no lasting weight loss without change. If you don't change your eating and lifestyle habits you will never lose weight permanently, no matter how many diets you go on."

Why not start a new, slim chapter in your life today?

Time to get the habit...

Say goodbye to fat... say hello to a slim 'new you'

"The Slim Habit has been such an inspiration to me. I feel great, and for the first time I feel I'm in control of my life. The Slim Habit taught me how to make the changes I needed to make in my life. I've lost all my belly fat and I feel great. I'm never going back to my old's too good!" P.J. N Y


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Your opportunity to change and enjoy a slim, healthy diet-free life

Revolutionary in its simplicity

The Slim Habit is not about starving you slim nor does it involve a strict regime that puts you under stress and makes you miserable. It's about habits. If you want to lose weight permanently you need to get out of your bad old ways. Do you realize that your bad habits are the cause of you being overweight? You can spend a lifetime trying to change them, and no matter how hard you try, it will never happen. The key is not to try and change your habits, but to learn new ones. This way you change your behavior and open the door to a life where you can stop worrying about your weight – forever. That sounds pretty good doesn't it?

Without habits we would find it very difficult to run our lives. Habits are learned responses which allow us to do things automatically, without thinking. Very useful because this allows us to concentrate on other things - very dangerous when we learn lots of bad habits that start to dictate how we run our lives.

Think about some bad habits that could be affecting your life - and your weight. Think about what you eat and how much you eat. Think about your lifestyle and the effect it has on your health and your weight. Think about how much exercise you take. Think about whether you pay yourself enough proper attention. Now try and identify some of your bad habits and things you would like to change. It can be a long list!

You think you're in control of your life, but are you?

"The Slim Habit put me back on the straight and narrow. My life was stuffed full of bad habits – in fact I was one big bad habit...It made me realize how stupid I had been about my weight. I've lost weight, I've changed my habits and I'm feeling good. It's made huge difference to my life...thank you." M.T. London

Your roadmap to permanent weight loss

The Slim Habit puts you back in control of your life. It provides you with the easiest and fastest route to permanent weight loss by helping you to learn new habits – Slim Habits.

There are no pills or supplements and no restrictive regimes to make you feel hungry, tired and irritable. The Slim Habit takes the stress out of losing weight and replaces it with a confidence boosting program that allows you to live a totally normal life - and lose weight at the same time.

The Slim Habit puts you back in control of your life. Mentally and physically you'll be on top of the world. It's a great feeling!

Say goodbye to diets - forever!

The complete permanent weight loss program

The answers you've been looking for

  • Do you know the reasons why your bad habits have made you overweight? Being 'in the know' about why things happen to you makes it easier for you to understand what you need to do to put things right. It's not rocket science but it's very important. There are some simple facts you need to know about how you work. A better understanding puts you in control of who you are and who you want to be.
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.
  • Do you know how your brain and your body work as one? Crucial information is constantly being passed between them. Do you recognize this information: are you aware of it? Do you know how to interpret it and how you can use it to get slim and stay slim?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.
  • Do you know what effect the food and drink you consume has on you? Do you know what to chose and what to avoid? Do you know how to make the right decisions?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.
  • Do you know what happens when you put your trust in a pill potion or diet? Do you really know what effect it is going to have on you? Do you understand what the mental and physical downside might be?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers
  • Do you know why your metabolism is so important and how it works? Do you know how to make it more efficient and help you to lose weight more quickly?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.
  • Do you know how your mental attitude can affect your weight? Are you aware why the way you think can influence how successful you are at losing weight - and keeping it off? Do you know how to make the way you think work for you, not against you?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.
  • Do you know how to stay motivated and be successful in reaching all your goals?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.
  • Do you know how to take control of your life, to increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem? Do you know how to be who you want to be and enjoy a slim, healthy life?
    The Slim Habit gives you the answers.

...and much more about what you need to know

"The thing that made all the difference for me was the support I got from the program. It kept me going...this whole program is just brilliant ...good common sense. Not only have I lost weight I've learned so much about me! I've changed my attitude to so many things... I'm a new person. I'm just so grateful that I found the Slim Habit."
S.B. Melbourne

Delivering the 'how' of permanent weight loss

The Slim Habit makes the 'how' of losing weight permanently, simple and easy to do. There are no complicated formulas or restrictions, no confusing rules or routines. The 10 Slim Habits are designed to allow you to live a normal life and lose weight at the same time. Let the Slim Habits become part of your life - they are your passport to a slim, healthy 'new you'.

Losing weight has never been so easy, never been so effective!

Supporting your're not alone

Losing weight can be lonely. It's easy to lose motivation or let self-doubt creep in and undermine your determination. Sometimes temptation can get the better of you. It's easy to destroy your achievements by having a weak moment. It's at times like these you need support.

When it comes to losing weight, the more support you have the more successful you will be. What makes the Slim Habit a complete weight loss program is because it has two support systems to ensure your success.

Cycle 9     SlimPals™

The Cycle 9 Journal is an amazing motivator. It helps keep you on track. Slimpals is probably the best online social support system on the internet. The Slim Habit online community, offers real help and advice from health to nutrition and puts you in touch with people who help make a difference.

Reality Check!

What's the one thing that's going to stop you losing weight? Correct! NOT taking the decision to do something about it! Put off the decision and you will remain as you are, and be unhappy with yourself.

Now, think positively! You're here reading about the Slim Habit because in your heart of hearts you know you've got to take action. You want to be slim. You want to be diet free. You want to lose weight permanently. You want to be healthy and lead a full and active life. You want to feel good about yourself.

You know that unless you take a decision to make change you will just continue in the same old way.

Don't put the decision off any longer. Act now!

Think about this...

You can say goodbye to diets forever. Permanent weight loss no longer has to be an unattainable dream.

and this...

You've found a program that is simple, easy to follow and won't interfere with your life and make you feel tired and irritable.

and this...

You've found a program that offers you great help and support.

and this...

You've found a complete weight loss program that will help you to take control of your life and restore your self-confidence and self-esteem.

and this...

Just think what it will be like when you lose all the weight you want and it doesn't come back again.

and this...

Just think how good you're going to look! Just think how great you're going to feel!

Great take a great decision

Get the habit! Kiss goodbye to all that weight and say hello to a slim 'new you' Get support and make new friends in the Slim Habit community Lose weight permanently... get the Slim Habit

The complete weight loss program

Here's what you get when you download the complete Slim Habit:


What You Need to Know is your complete guide to permanent weight loss. It explains everything you need to know so that you can achieve the success you deserve. All the things you’ve always wanted to know about why you put on weight are explained. It supplies the answers to the questions about what affects your weight. From stress, emotions and the way you think, to how your metabolism works and about the food you eat.

What You Need to Know gives you the essential knowledge you need in order for you to feel confident about taking control of your weight loss. It gives you the understanding you need to manage and maintain your weight loss.


Here is where you will find all you need to do to lose weight permanently. This is where you will learn the 10 Slim Habits that will change your life. They are so simple and easy to follow. No complicated formulas or regimes - they are revolutionary in their simplicity.

The new eating and lifestyle habits you learn - the 10 Slim Habits - will become part of your life. Unlike a diet they have been designed to support you and help you for as long as you want. This is where you will learn to achieve the weight loss you want and how to maintain that weight loss.

The 10 Slim Habits will give you the confidence to take control of your weight, and your life. They are effective, supportive and empowering.


The Personal Exercise Plan has been designed to improve your well-being and fitness, and supercharge your weight loss as well. Exercise is important if you are going to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. It is also essential for a long, slim, healthy life.

This is a gentle, gradual introduction to exercise, designed so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule and still achieve maximum benefit. It's full of useful tips and advice as well as clear, easy to understand diagrams and illustrations.


Research has shown that maintaining a journal during a weight loss program will have a significant influence on your success. This is why the Cycle 9 Journal has been included in the Slim Habit program.

The Slim Habit Cycle 9 Journal is no ordinary journal. It has been designed so that every day there's something new to help and support you: tips, advice to build your self-confidence and bolster your self-esteem, fresh ideas to inspire you.

The Cycle 9 Journal will not only keep you on track and focused, but it will motivate you to achieve the success you deserve.

Join the Slim Habit Community

Slim Pals

SlimPals is a very special community. It's a community where you can get online social support in so many different ways. Research has shown that the more support you get when you're trying to lose weight, the more successful you'll be. This is why membership of SlimPals can be so important to your success.

Here are some of the advantages of being a SlimPal:

  • As a member of the SlimPals Community you'll be part of a unique social support system. You'll have access to a host of SlimPals benefits, each one designed to ensure your success
  • SlimPals is there to support you every step of the way. You'll meet others on the programme, as well as those that have completed the programme, who will be able to offer you help and advice. You'll also have the opportunity to make new friends.
  • You can join a SlimPals Support Group. There are lots of groups to join – you can even start your own support group if you want. You'll learn so much and you'll find it will raise your spirits and give you confidence too.

Here's what you get as a member of

Slim Pals

Support Groups

Support Groups

Join one of the many SlimPals members-only Support Groups. This is social support at its best. Moderated and supervised by those who understand your challenges, this is also a place to discuss ideas and learn – and meet new friends too.

Recipes and Food Guides

Recipes and Food Guides

Delicious, easy to prepare, mouth-watering meals for you to enjoy. We keep the ideas coming and help you to enjoy your food while you lose weight. What to buy and what to eat – we give you advice.

Resource Center

Resource Center

Tips, advice and support on many different subjects from eating out, healthy eating and shopping tips to good foods and bad foods, exercise and medical matters – and lots more.

Circle of SlimPals

Circle of SlimPals

An opportunity to meet new friends and share your experiences and your enthusiasm with other SlimPals. Get support and give support to like-minded SlimPals who want to lose weight permanently, and enjoy life too.

Health & Fitness Center

How to get the best out of your Personal Exercise Plan and amazing health, fitness and nutritional tips and advice to optimize your weight loss.


There are lots of useful downloads for you which are regularly updated and added to – including the SlimPals Calorie List.

Exclusive Articles

Exclusive articles to help you to increase your knowledge about weight loss, health, exercise, food and many other topics relating to your general health and well-being.  The articles are full of tips and advice to broaden your understanding and help you to achieve your goals.

SlimPals Newsletter

We keep in touch, help you and support you all the way. There is news and views from across the world plus contributions from fellow Slimpals.

Make a life-changing decision today!

Get the Habit!

Time to lose weight permanently and say goodbye to diets forever

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The best investment you ever made – investing in you!

Make today the start of your new, slim life! From today there will be no need to go on any more diets. There will be no more pills, no more potions. This is a program that will change your life. Out with bad habits and in with new Slim Habits that will last you for the rest of your life. What could be better than to invest in you, in your future slim life and your health and happiness?

If you're prepared to invest in you then you deserve to succeed. By joining the Slim Habit program you will have demonstrated your commitment to make change. By getting rid of your bad habits and learning new ones you will open up a whole new life: one free from diets, one full of new possibilities and great opportunities. New habits, a new diet, a new lifestyle, a new you...

Enjoy a slim, healthy future with The Slim Habit

The Slim Habit

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