The Slim Habit

Why you put on weight - and how to lose it

A new, radical approach to weight loss

"We've never come across such an all-encompassing, holistic approach to weight loss…" GQ Magazine

Did you take a conscious decision to put on weight? Of course you didn't. The reason you put on weight is because of an evolutionary mismatch. Your body can't process the modern diet without causing you to put on weight. You're out of sync and your body is working against you. Learn why this mismatch happens, how to get your body working with you, and get back in sync. Time to take control, lose weight, stay slim and feel well.

Everything you need to know to get your body in sync
and work with you to lose weight - permanently

Simple and easy to do, The Slim Habit is an effective, common sense solution to a problem no diet has been able to solve

Lose weight, get slim, stay slim

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