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Overweight and out of control?

New reports come out all the time, but one that has just been released from the Harvard School of Public Health, has shed new light on how effective some of our most popular diets are. Effectively they found that all the diets ended up by producing very similar results. So whether you go on a Zone diet, a low carb diet, or whatever, it won’t make much difference to the outcome. People still want to know the best way to lose weight.

The study took two years and involved over 800 people. What they discovered was that no matter which diet you went on, the weight loss that you achieved was only moderate and that the weight was soon put back on again.

This is a similar experience to a larger study by researchers at UCLA who found that over 95% of people who went on a diet NEVER achieved permanent weight loss.

Putting it bluntly, diets don’t work. Neither do they supply the structure and support that people need when they try and lose weight.

Time to get The Slim Habit!

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