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If you have a weight problem, you don’t want to get the Coronavirus!

Covid-19 is a real and present danger to us all, and is likely to remain so for some considerable time. As the virus has spread so we have learned more about it. The elderly and those with existing health conditions were always considered at high risk, and that has been proved to be the case. But there is another group that has been hit disproportionately hard. It’s those who are overweight or obese; regardless of age, they have been hit hardest of all. A recent study of those in ICUs – in the Western world – showed that over 70% were either overweight, obese.

Why are people who are overweight or obese so vulnerable? There are two main reasons. First, if you are overweight or obese your immune system is greatly weakened. Second, as the coronavirus affects the respiratory system, getting a plentiful supply of oxygen is vital. If you are overweight or obese your ability to get a good supply of oxygen is severely compromised. Why? Because you are overweight you have a higher demand for oxygen. Also, you will be less fit and your lung capacity is likely to be lower. If you couple this with the effects of the virus on your respiratory system, The consequences can be that your body becomes overwhelmed by the lack of oxygen not getting to your major organs. The consequences can be fatal.

Britain and the USA have been particularly badly hit by the coronavirus. This is not surprising as Britain has more overweight or obese people than any other European country, currently 30% of the population. That percentage is 40% in the USA.

The bottom line? Losing weight is no longer a health choice, it has become a health necessity. Even if you are a bit overweight, your risk of having complications if you get the virus are significantly increased.

Losing weight now could save your life. It really is time to grasp the nettle and make the decision to lose weight. But what you don’t want to do is to go on a ‘quick fix’ diet. If you do the weight will come back within six months to a year. You need a permanent weight loss solution like that being offered by the Slim Habit.

Weight gain happens because you get into bad habits. They then become part of your life. The way to break these habits is to learn new ones and to understand what the drivers are that make you put on weight.

The Slim Habit has been written to give you a way of making change and is a roadmap which will lead you to a slim and healthy life – and reduce the risk of having complications if you should catch the coronavirus. This is not something you should put off. You need to start now. There is no time to lose!

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