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The Slim Habit is out now!

THE weight loss book for 2021

Knowledge is the key to understanding. If you know why your body reacts against the food you eat and causes you to put on weight, you can do something about it. The Slim Habit gives you that knowledge.

Losing weight could be a 

life-saving decision


Being overweight or obese will worsen the effects of Covid-19. Recent figures show that up to 70% of those in intensive care were overweight or obese. If you have a BMI of over 30 and you catch the virus, you are 33% more likely to die of the disease. 

The problem? Being overweight or obese increases the risk of respiratory failure, alters the immune system and may cause chronic inflamation that can rapidly escalate out of control with coronavirus infection.  Plus, the more fat you are carrying the

less fit you are, and the lower your lung capacity.  Being overweight means you have a higher demand for oxygen. With Covid-19, this can be serious. Your body is going to struggle to get sufficient oxygen into your blood and around your body. 

The consequences can be fatal.

Why the Slim Habit? Because if you want to lessen the chances of becoming seriously ill if you catch the coronavirus, you need to protect yourself properly - not with a short-term diet, but with a permanent weight loss solution. The best way to do this is to learn new habits. Slim Habits. There’s no time to lose.

Today, it's important you do all you can to protect yourself from being affected by the real and present danger we all face. Being overweight or obese has always been a risk to health, but now it poses an even greater threat.

Why you put on weight          - and how to lose it

Did you take a conscious decision to put on weight? Of course not! The reason you put on weight is because of an evolutionary mismatch. Your body can't process the modern diet without causing you to put on weight. You're out of sync and your body is working against you. Learn why this mismatch happens, how to get your body working with you, and get back in sync. Time to take control, lose weight, stay slim and feel well.

The Slim Habit is available as an ebook and a paperback. Check out The Slim Habit at or

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The Slim Habit is a new approach to weight loss

If you’ve tried to lose weight you know what an uphill struggle it can be. If you’ve been on a diet and the weight has returned, as it inevitably does, it’s very dispiriting. When it comes to losing weight and
getting healthy, there are better things to do than to go on a diet.

Take the decision to lose weight now.

'What to do' - The Slim Habit sets out what to do in a simple, easy-to-follow way. Easily achievable things to do that will deliver the outcome you want – to lose weight, to be able to manage your weight, and remain slim and healthy.

Exercise for you’ - a simple exercise guide to help you to keep fit and healthy. What type of exercise to take and how to get the greatest benefit from it. It includes useful tips and illustrations.

The good news is that there’s new, fresh thinking about why you put on 

weight, about how your body reacts to the modern diet and how it affects your weight and your health. If you understand why things happen, the reasons why you put on weight, you can make changes that will revolutionise your life.  It doesn’t involve a restrictive regime like a diet, just the application of knowledge, a commitment to make change - and common sense.

There's a mismatch, an evolutionary mismatch, between what you eat and drink and your body's ability to process it that causes you to put on weight.
The Slim Habit gets you back in sync.

The Slim Habit

A permanent weight loss solution

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Be slim, be safe

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