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About? It's all about you!
If you're overweight, you deserve the right to know what it is that's causing you to be the way you are. You deserve something better than a life punctuated by diets that don't deliver a long-term solution. The Slim Habit's  'mission'  from the very beginning has been to reveal the truth about why people put on weight, to pass on the knowledge and to provide a simple solution - 'what to do'.
  All is not what it seems

Look at all this delicious food! Surely it can't be bad for you? If it tastes good and gives you energy, isn't that okay? All is not what it seems! The amount of sugar, salt, saturated fat, the lack of essential fibre, the weird and wonderful additives included by food companies' culinary alchemists, has produced foods that become close to being classed as toxic when consumed in quantity.


     Who do you trust?

You should be able to trust the food industry to produce food that does you no harm when it's consumed in quantity, shouldn't you? The answer should be 'yes', unfortunately it's a lightly regulated industry so the answer is 'no'. When it comes to food, you need to trust your own judgement. Good judgement comes from knowledge.


The Slim Habit - about your weight, your health                 your well-being and your happiness
         'The Knowledge'

Knowing what certain foods do to you, how they can change the chemical processes in your body and how you can lose control of what you eat and how much you eat sounds like something you should know about, doesn't it? If you knew what to do to stop putting on weight without going on a diet; if you could manage your weight and lead a normal healthy life, that would be good to know, wouldn't it? That's the knowlege you'll get from The Slim Habit.


        Health is wealth

Much of the processed food we eat, tempting and delicious as it may be, is not only causing us to put on weight, it's ruining our health and shortening our lives. The amount of sugar we consume is killing us - slowly. This can't be right, can it? It really is time to change, time to get The Slim Habit.


About the author

Q and A with the author of The Slim Habit, John McPhie

Q: The coronavirus features in the latest edition. What's the reason for this?

A: Covid-19 is hitting people who have a weight problem disproportionately hard. The majority of people in ICUs who have Covid-19 are either overweight or obese. Losing weight has moved from being a health choice to a health imperative. The reason I believe the Slim Habit is important and can actually help to save people's lives is that it's not a short-term 'quick fix' diet. By learning new Slim Habits you can lose weight, reduce the risk of suffering serious complications if you catch Covid-19, and enjoy a new, slim, healthy life. I want to encourage people to grasp the nettle now, and get serious about losing weight. There is no time to lose. The consequences of not doing so have always been high, today they are even higher.


Q: What was your motivation for writing The Slim Habit?

A: I've been working with people from all walks of life, all my life. I have always derived enormous satisfaction from helping people reach their full potential. I get very frustrated when I see people's potential compromised by things that are beyond their control. When their lives, their health and happiness is affected by the carelessness and selfishness of others. Too many people are overweight, and there's an obesity epidemic which has compromised the lives of millions of people. There are a lot of very unhappy overweight and obese people across the world who have been told that the problem is of their making. It is not! So my main motivation was to find a way of getting this message across. I want to reveal the truth about why they they have a weight problem, to give them answers. I want to provide a solution to their problem, to allow them to lead a slim, healthy life - and to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

The Slim Habit is written for everybody. Easy to read, easy to follow, easy to do. I want it to make a real and lasting difference to peoples' lives.   

Q: What do you mean when you say that people's lives have been changed by the carelessness and selfishness of others?

A: Across the world people have been let down by the very people who should be looking after their interests. Governments have succumbed to powerful lobbying by food companies to go easy on legislation. As a consequence we have calorie dense, low fiber processed foods and sugary or sweetened drinks that our bodies cannot cope with, particularly when they are consumed in quantity. This is the root cause of why so many people are overweight and there is an obesity epidemic.

Q: What would you like The Slim Habit to achieve?

A: I set out to try and provide an answer to one of the biggest problems of our time. That's quite an ask, but I hope my efforts benefit as many people as possible. I've tried to make it very easy to understand and very easy to do. If The Slim Habit makes people better informed, if it can contribute to making the world a slimmer, healthier place, I will be a happy man.

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