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If you’re overweight, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Would you like to lose weight and feel better mentally and physically?

  • Would you like to significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke?

  • Would you like to protect your heart and live longer?

  • Would you like to reduce the risk of getting cancer?

  • Would you like to stay younger and be able to live a long and healthy life?

These questions are ‘no brainers’ really, aren’t they? Each one of them share a common thread – exercise. If we take regular, intentional exercise we significantly reduce the risk of attracting disease and improve our quality of life. Too many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle these days. We spend hours sitting in front of the television or the computer; we don’t have to forage for our food; we have easy access to vast supplies of relatively cheap, high-calorific food – we can even have it delivered to our door. We can eat ourselves silly without moving a muscle. When we want to go somewhere we just jump in the car or take a bus or train or plane and, hey presto, we’re there! It’s all so easy. We are caught up in this modern-day lifestyle whether we like it or not – and it’s killing us!

The consequences of a lifestyle where there is such a low level of physical activity is starting to become more and more apparent. An increase in the number of people who are overweight …yes! An increase in the instances of heart disease and stroke…yes! An increase in cancer rates in people who are overweight or obese…yes! An increase in diabetes…yes! An increase in the number of deaths associated with being overweight or obese…yes! It’s not a pretty picture. Is there an answer? There most definitely is.

If we want to lose the pounds and maintain a sensible weight, if we want to lead a happy, healthy life and feel mentally and physically well, all of us need to take regular, intentional exercise.

Regular, intentional exercise is no big deal. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be a chore or painful. The fact is that the thought of exercise is always far worse than the reality. The reality of regular, intentional exercise is that it can enjoyable, and fun too.

For many people the idea of taking regular, intentional exercise conjures up thoughts of making a public exhibition of their lack of fitness, of pain and sweat and misery. It doesn’t have to be like that at all.

The simplest (and one of the most effective) way of taking exercise is to walk. Walking is simple, natural and doesn’t require any special skill or equipment – other than a good pair of shoes.

In the past, running was thought to be the most beneficial aerobic exercise, speeding up your heart and getting your metabolism going, but these days research has proved that walking is able to give you the same long-term health benefits as running – with a lot less risk and a lot less sweat. Running is perhaps more time –efficient, but fast walking delivers the same benefits.

Getting started is always the hardest part, but once you’ve got going you’ll find it easy and you’ll start to really enjoy it. You need a Personal Exercise Plan that doesn’t drop you in at the deep end with an exacting exercise programme. You need something that sets out a gradual programme of exercise that builds up slowly and gently to a level that you feel comfortable with, and that gives you maximum benefit. The Slim Habit has an excellent Personal Exercise Plan which gradually gets you into the way of taking regular, intentional exercise which gives your weight loss efforts a real boost.

Getting the exercise habit is so important. It’s important if you want to achieve long-term weight loss. It’s important if you want to be healthy. Get the exercise habit – get the Slim Habit – and you’ll feel better in yourself and about yourself.

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