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Too difficult to say 'no'?

Eating too much? It’s easy to do. Little wonder people get disheartened by their lack of progress when they’re trying to lose weight. Actually, it isn’t your fault – read the Slim Habit and you’ll find out why.

In the meantime there are some very simple habits that can be a great help to keeping a check on how much you consume. The first is to always say ‘no’ to second helpings. Don’t be worried that you might offend someone by not accepting their offer. ‘No Thank you. I enjoyed that very much’, is all you have to say.

The second thing is to get out of the habit of eating everything that is put in front of you. If you’re in a restaurant you feel as though you should get your money’s worth so you tuck in and leave nothing on your plate. The best thing is to ask for a small portion when you order.

Lastly, be careful what you put on your plate. It is very easy to exceed your calorie intake target by being careless about how much you put on your plate. The best solution is to change the size of your plate: the smaller the plate, the smaller the portion. It really works…try it!

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