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Fat on the inside

There are some pretty scary statistics coming out about the dangers of being overweight or obese. What is alarming is how few people are aware of those statistics. One recent survey put it as low as 30% – and that’s very worrying. There is one very obvious risk which should get most people thinking. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing cancer – fact! In the US recent research found that among men and women who had never smoked, the risk of cancer death is increased by up to a third in overweight and obese people.

‘Cancer is not a fate, it is a matter of risk and you can adjust those risks by the way you behave’ – a comment from Professor Martin Wiseman of the World Cancer Research Fund.

In a report by the fund, it made clear that there were no fewer than six cancers that are linked to body fat. The writing is clearly on the wall and it’s down to all of us to take note. If you’re in the ‘It’ll never happen to me’ camp it’s probably time you wised up.

If this wasn’t enough, scientists at London’s Hammersmith Hospital have discovered that we can be ‘fat on the inside’ – whatever next! They’ve been looking inside the body using MRI scanners looking for any fat that may be lurking round our organs and they’ve found that many of us – perhaps up to 40% – have dangerous amounts of fat around major organs such as our heart, pancreas, and liver.

It’s quite normal to have fat round our organs, but we shouldn’t have much more than a total of 2 pints of fat on the inside. Alarmingly they found many of us have between 6 and 7 times that amount.

Why is this ‘fat on the inside’ bad? Because it can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. One interesting fact is that you don’t have to be ’fat on the outside’ to be ‘fat on the inside’. It is quite possible for people who are not overweight in any way to be ‘fat on the inside’. I’m sure you’ve heard of people having heart attacks or strokes who are not overweight and don’t smoke. ‘Fat on the inside’ may well be the reason.

What can you do about ‘fat on the inside’? It’s really very simple. Have a healthy, well regulated food intake and take regular exercise. Essentially it’s what we all should do. This simple solution cures ‘fat on the outside’ and ‘fat on the inside’.

All of us need to be conscious of our behaviors. As Professor Wiseman points out illness is not a fate, but we’ve got to take positive action ourselves if we are to limit the risks we are open to. If we recognise the behaviors that gave us the problem in the first place and learn new habits, we can make successful change. Get the Slim Habit…it’s worth it!

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