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You have a right to be slim and healthy

Obesity, being overweight is not a choice people make. Weight happens. It happens because our bodies can’t cope with the modern diet. There’s an evolutionary mismatch. Your biological evolution has not kept up with your cultural evolution. You, the world, has a problem and it is blind to what is happening because the real truth is being kept secret.

Food companies, who on the one hand should be congratulated for producing affordable, tasty food, need to be castigated for allowing their culinary alchemists to produce food which does us harm. Tasty it may be, but too much of it is high in saturated fat and sugar, and low in fibre. This is a recipe for disaster – and the disaster has happened. A worldwide obesity crisis is upon us. Healthcare in many countries is going to be overwhelmed by the diseases caused by obesity. We are entering a very dangerous period where many people are going to suffer unnecessarily.

What can you do about it? Well, the first thing is to understand why you put on weight and then do something about it. BUT, don’t go on a diet. If you do, you’ll soon put the weight back on. No, you need to get The Slim Habit. This explains why things happen and gives you a solution, a solution that will change your life.

There are forces working against you; against your ability to lead a healthy life. Find out what they are before it’s too late. It’s all in the Slim Habit.

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